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Welcome to the KontrollerLab project page.

The KontrollerLab is a tool which can be used for developing microcontroller software.

The KontrollerLab uses these tools to make developing easier:
  • avr-gcc and helper programs to compile the C files, link the object files, and assemble the ASM files.
  • uisp and
  • avrdude to upload and download the programs
  • built-in debugger for PC-only and in-circuit debugging, currently at an early stage [05/28/07]
  • serial terminal embedded in the IDE to ease debugging
  • kate as the editor embedded in the IDE

We provide the sources as .tar.bz2 and .tar.gz, as well as binary and source RPMs, (K)Ubuntu packages, and Debian (Sid) packages in our download section. These files are hosted off-site at SourceForge.
We hope the tool is useful and easy to use. For questions, wishes, or bug reports, don't hesitate to contact us or use the SourceForge page. We will react as soon as possible.

This site was created using free software only:
The GIMP, Quanta, KPovModeler and Povray.