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One of the most annoying things in software development is searching for bugs and fixing them. A key tool which makes this easier is a good debugger. Since all microcontroller boards are embedded systems, a useful debugger should be capable of stepping through the lines of code, while all interactions with the real world are done by the microcontroller on the board. This is called In Circuit Debugging (ICD). Sometimes, it may also be useful to debug some pieces of code independently on the PC, while watching different variables and registers on the microcontroller. We call this mode the PC-Only mode (PCO). Additionally, it can be useful to set some registers directly on the microcontroller, without debugging code. This can be used to ensure that the PCB is working correctly, for example by setting ports or reading from the ADC. This is called Direct Memory Debugging (DMD).

We hope that the debugger which was developed for the KontrollerLab will fit Your needs. The documentation has the following subchapters: To get the quickest start, have a look at the first steps. Further information on how to configure the debugger can be found in the configuration section.
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