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Programmer settings

Last change: 12/05/06

You can configure the programmer using the programmer configuration window. To open it, use the "Configure programmer" entry in the "Project" Menu. The window, which comes up then is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1: The programmer configuration window

On the first tab, You can choose the program which is used as an interface between Your computer and the microcontroller. Two different programs can be chosen: In this tab, You can also define the paths to the binaries of the two programs. Usually, the predefined settings may be sufficient. In case there are problems and the KontrollerLab cannot find the programs, specify their complete, absolute path here to fix that problem.

The second and third tab is only of interest if You decide to use UISP. The fourth tab is only valid for AVRDUDE. On the second tab, shown in figure 2, You can define the general settings for UISP.

Figure 2: The UISP programmer general configuration window

These are the options (and the corresponding UISP arguments):
  • Programmer type (-dprog): You can set the type of programmer You are using here.
  • Port (parallel) (-dlpt): You can set the parallel port here.
  • No data polling (-dno-poll): You can disable data polling here.
  • Disable retries of program enable (-dno-retry)
  • AT89S* parallel programming (-d89): You can allow parallel programming of AT89S51 and AT89S52 here.
  • Voltage (-dvoltage): You can define the voltage of the power supply here. That influences the timing specs.
  • SCK high/low time (-dt_sck): You can set the minimum SCK high/low time here.
  • Flash max write delay (-dt_wd_flash): You can set the FLASH maximum write delay here.
  • EEPROM max write delay (-dt_wd_eeprom): You can set EEPROM maximum write delay here.
  • Reset high time (-dt_reset): You can set the reset inactive (high) time here.
  • Port (serial) (-dserial): You can set the serial port here.
  • Speed (-dspeed): You can set the transmission speed here.
Figure 3: The UISP programmer STK500 configuration window

Figure 4: The AVRDUDE programmer configuration window

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