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In spring 2003 I started developing the xavrtools, which is the predecessor of the KontrollerLab. I used it for a couple of years myself, till I decided to rebuild the whole project from scratch, adding a complete IDE and some nice features, like the support for the AVRDUDE.
I especially want to thank Mario Boikov for motivating me to develop this tool and for all his help, tests, emails, bug reports, and pieces of code (e.g. the serial terminal...) he sent.

Now we are proud to present a new KDE based IDE, which enables You to build projects with AVR microcontrollers within minutes.

To whetten Your appetite, here are some screenshots of the program:


In the next sections, You will learn about how to install and use the tool. In case there are mistakes, or something that is unclear, don't hesitate to write a mail to kontrollerlab at cadmaniac dot org.

This site was created using free software only:
The GIMP, Quanta, KPovModeler and Povray.