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This is the preliminary release schedule for the KontrollerLab:

Date Status Code Description
11/24/06 OK v0.5 Initial release
12/3/06 OK v0.6All current bugs fixed, seven segments wizard implemented.
12/21/06 OK v0.7.0A display font wizard for HD44780 based displays.
New revision numbers.
5/24/07 OK v0.8.0alpha1First alpha of the (in circuit) debugger.
12/30/07 Scheduled v0.8.0betaFirst beta of the (in circuit) debugger, and a display font wizard. This will still keep us entertained for a while. Please be patient. Thanks! Your KontrollerLab team.
Delayed Scheduled v0.9.0Port to Qt4/KDE4:
Please note: We are currently porting to Qt4/KDE4. This job is quite complicated, so it is more or less a complete rewrite of the program. It will take some more months to have the same functionality in v0.9.0 as in the v0.8.0! I hope you understand... and thanks for your patience!
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